Richard Lublin Congratulates 29th Recipient of Duke’s Trinity College Teaching Scholarship

Richard Lublin, a Duke University alumnus, congratulated Dr. Michael Hardt on being this year’s recipient of the Richard Lublin Teaching Award. Lublin first endowed the teaching scholarship at Duke’s Trinity College of Arts & Sciences in 1993. Hardt, the 29th recipient of the award, is a professor of Literature, Romance Studies and Bass Fellow.

As a continuous supporter of higher education, Richard Lublin issued a plea for more philanthropists to endow teaching awards at U.S. colleges and universities. Lublin, a resident of Naples, Florida and Avon, Connecticut, established the prize to recognize undergraduate teaching excellence in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences at Duke.

“An endowed teaching scholarship provides a meaningful way for a college or university to recognize its most dedicated professors and their deep commitment to teaching excellence,” said Richard Lublin. “It can be the catalyst for a standout college professor like Dr. Hardt to expand a research project or develop new ways to teach a new generation of students. We need more of them,” Lublin added. “And I hope those who have the means, will step up and endow a teaching award at an educational institution that is close to their heart.”

Duke Today described Dr. Hardt as a professor who “provides further evidence that Duke’s academic superstars can also be teachers.” He spearheaded the development of a vigorous undergraduate degree program in literature called Global Cultural Studies. His work on critical theory has been translated into 25 languages. Despite being editor of South Atlantic Quarterly, Hardt opted to teach a full course schedule this past year, further solidifying his dedication to educating.

“Receiving this teaching award encourages me to find new ways to share with undergraduates what excites me in my research,” said Hardt. “It is gratifying, of course, to have my teaching recognized. But beyond that, endowed awards – especially awards for teaching – help orient the university to encourage what it values most. In the end, teaching awards reaffirm that teaching and intellectual relationships with undergraduates are at the heart of the institution and its mission.”

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Richard Lublin is a resident of Avon, CT and a former attorney and educator, experienced actor, and active philanthropist and supporter of cancer research and higher education.

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